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Log Sealing Wax

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Our 100% natural, food-grade, GMO & additive free ‘cheese wax’ is used to seal the ends of sawdust or dowel mushroom spawn when innoculating logs for mushroom production; its unique name is given to the fact that it’s the same type of wax used to coat poplar cheeses (like Edam).

Made from natural, none-petroleum based sources, our log wax it is primarily used to stop dehydration whilst adding a protective layer to prevent pests and contamination from damaging your spawn.

There are many types of wax used for sealing logs in mushroom cultivation, all have their pros and cons; we use cheese wax over the others for the following reasons:

  • We find using bees wax unethical, also the bees tend to re-claim their wax back.
  • Soy wax is more brittle when dry and prone to chipping off (soybean production is also not very eco-friendly)
  • Parrafin wax is very brittle, made from none-renewable sources and is petroleum based (not good for our planet).

Our log sealing wax is soft to the touch and remains pliable during winter months preventing it from chipping or falling off.

We use this very same wax when making out pre-inoculated mushroom logs.

Each container contains approx 450g wax. Best applied by brush, 450g suitable for approx 200 dowels. More information below.

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£5.50 (incl. VAT)

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Further Information for Log Sealing Wax

Melting temperature approx 70°C, do not over-heat as wax is highly flammable.

Can also be applied to the cut ends of the logs depending on environment and personal preference (we like to seal one end of the log, and put the other end into the floor where it can soak up moisture from the surrounding ground.

Wax should also be applied to any accidental chainsaw slips and any areas where side-branches were cut off.


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