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Enoki Mushrooms

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XXX (Flammulina velutipes) XXX

A firm textured mushroom with a slight but distinctive vegetable-like crunch which boasts a mild and delicate fruity flavour.

Can be eaten raw in salads or cooked into dishes. Distinct in its appearance with white elongated stems and small caps, a result of a highly controlled and very particular environment whilst growing.

Popular in Asian cuisines, especially China and Japan where it can be found in miso ramen dishes, soups, noodle dishes, stir-fries, hot-pots, curries, pasta dishes and salads. Can be used as an addition to meals or as the main course, Enoki mushrooms are very diverse in the kitchen and are very sort after by chefs.

Boasting more fibre than green cabbage, this delicious mushroom has some equally attractive medicinal benefits; namely its anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties thought to be caused by the active polysaccharide referred to as FVP (flammulina velutipes polysaccharide) named after the Enoki mushroom.

As a cold weather strain, our Enoki cultures are used in winter for our nature based tree-stump recycling community engagement programme, helping to bring people together and provide free food for our local communities.

With incredibly high amounts of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B3, B5, B1, and B2, phosphorus, iron, and copper and numerous essential ammino acids, Enoki mushrooms have long been used in Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to treat liver disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach ailments and general immune system regulation.

We grow our Enoki mushrooms on supplemented untreated hardwood sawdust with each mushroom harvest taking us between 1-2 months to grow.

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£6£105 (incl. VAT)

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Storage and Shelf-Life

Enoki Mushrooms can be stored in the fridge for up to a week but are best enjoyed immediately after purchase.

It is best to store Enoki mushrooms inside a paper bag in the veg drawer of your refrigerator fridge.

Do not store enoki mushrooms in sealed plastic containers which will cause them to sweat and eventually rot.

TIP: A damp paper towel can be placed inside your paper bag along with your Enoki mushrooms to stop them from drying out.

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Common Names

Golden Needle Mushrooms, Lily Mushrooms, Futu Mushroom, the winter mushroom, Velvet or Furry Foot Collybia, Golden Mushroom

Enokitake/Enokidake “The Snow Peak Mushroom” (Japanese), Nametake “Slimy Mushroom” (Japanese), Yuki-motase “Snow Mushroom” (Japanese), Jingu/Jin-Zhen-Gu (Chinese),Paengi Beoseot (Korean), Nấm Kim Châm (Vietnamese), Paengi Beoseot “spinning top mushroom” (Korean).

Growth Parameters

  • Spawn run: 21-24°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 <5,000 ppm | 0 lux | FAE 0-1 | 14-18 days
  • Primordia Formation: 4-10°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 2000-4000 ppm | FAE 2-4 | 20-50 lux | 3-5 days
  • Fruitbody Development: 10-16°C | 90-95% RH | CO2 3,000 ppm | FAE 2-4 | 20-50 lux | 5-8 days
  • Fruiting Cycle: 2-3 Crops, 10-12 days apart

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