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LPG Lab Burner (Scalpel Steraliser)

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Our portable, cartridge LPG bunsen burners are a much quicker and safer method of sterilising scalpels and inoculation loops over traditional alcohol burners or expensive electronic sterilizers.

With a heat output of 21500 BTU per pound for LPG, vs approximately 11,500 BTU for that of alcohol, you can see why LPG style Bunsen burners are most suited for sterilising scalpels and inoculation loops when compared to alcohol burners.

When you do lots of agar work, you’ll quickly learn that it’s important to flame sterilise your scalpel after every section you cut from your cultures to minimise contamination. Alcohol burners can can take 1-2 minutes to flame sterilise a scalpel until red hot, whilst LPG Burns take a matter of seconds. These minutes can quickly add up into hours if doing lots of agar work.

The adjustable collar on our LPG Lab Burner allows you to set the flame to a highly visible yellow flame when not in use, something you cannot do with the near invisible flame of an alcohol burner. It also includes an adjustable fuel valve to adjust the flame of the burner. Other noteable benefits include:

  • Zero handed operation
  • Highly portable
  • Can reach temperatures in excess of 1000°C
  • Solid brass construction in a traditional bunsen burner format
  • Can be easily detached and reattached to gas canisters as often as you like allowing for easy storage and transportation
  • Cheap and replaceable LPG camping gas canisters
  • High heat output for much quicker sterilisation
  • Large flat stable base created by gas canister
  • LPG is cheaper to buy than alcohol
  • Typical burn time of 2.75 hours with included canister
  • Overall height of burner of 188mm

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£45 (incl. VAT)

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1 review for LPG Lab Burner (Scalpel Steraliser)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Simple little product which I never thought about buying before, was using a blowtorch before this because of the speed of sterilizing scalpels when doing culture transfers but it wasn't ideal as needed two hands to operate and not that stable. This thing is compact and has adjustable gas and airflow to allow you to adjust heat. Perfect for my needs. Simon

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