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A brief history

Founded in 2018, Maya Mushrooms began its journey growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in a specially converted 40ft shipping container

Six years on, we have expanded our operation to our new 5,500sq.ft facility in the Forest of Dean (soon to be 8,000sq.ft 🙂).

Complete with a dedicated laboratory and industry-leading clean room (props to Monmouth Scientific!). Autoclaves, forklifts, batch mixers, numerous packing, processing and order fulfilment spaces, warehouse storage zones, we just ❤️ it.

To date, we have sold over 100,000 mushroom growing kits to hobby growers and countless sterilised bags of grain and substrate to commercial customers. We will continue to serve the wider mushroom cultivation community with advice and support and continue to strive forward.

We’ve befriended deer, rabbits, sheep & birds of prey, we speak with the Ancient Woodlands and are witness to the magical association between plant roots and beneficial fungi, known otherwise as Mycorrhizas. Bliss. ⛅


We’re seeking investment and partnership opportunities to help elevate our business to new heights. 🚀

If you are an existing business looking to partner up and enter the fascinating world of fungi or a passionate individual looking to invest, we’d like to hear from you.

We believe in collaboration. We’re ready to scale.


When it comes to home mushroom cultivation, we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a hand-picked selection of mushroom growing kits and equipment.
Let your mushroom growing adventures begin…!

Our Community / Environmental Goals

Working in harmony with community and nature


Free Education to Schools & Colleges

Working hard to provide free educational resources, mushroom cultivation workshops and course spaces to local schools, colleges and community causes in and around the Forest of Dean. Educating people on the importance of eating healthy, sustainable and locally produced food is at the forefront of Maya Mushrooms.

Zero Waste

Food waste shouldn’t exist. We strive to be zero waste, with all unsold fresh produce either being dehydrated (using our sun’s energy) for sale at a later date or donated to local food banks, homeless shelters, community kitchens or other good causes which help support our local community.

Fair Prices with a Fixed Mark-Up

Nobody likes to pay more than they should for the food they eat. By keeping our expenses low, remaining flexible in our business operations and having a pay-cap for all staff fixed at the UK national average wage, we aim to make good quality food more financially available to all.

Locally Produced. No Chemicals or other Nasties.

We were born to eat food, not chemicals. We will never add any nasty chemicals or fillers to the foods we produce and always aim to sell our produce the day it’s harvested.

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Our Targets

Education, Partnerships and Empowerment


Creating Job Opportunities for Disadvantaged People

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish, and he’ll feed his family for life”.

Through our online mushroom cultivation course we are developing, we aim to give supported online learning opportunities to the people in our country who need it most. Moreover, for selected course graduates who have demonstrated their mushroom cultivation abilities and eagerness to learn, we’ll open up our doors to welcome them to join our team.

Community Engagement Programs – Food For Free

Monthly trips out to the woods plugging felled and fallen trees with specially selected edible gourmet mushroom mycelium; An incredibly simple, social, and highly effective activity that can provide hundreds of kilos of gourmet mushrooms free to the local community for many years to come.

We record all results and locations on our online mushroom map with all donations being used to support future Community Engagement Programmes and Free Educational Resources for Schools.

Community Farm Partnerships

We’d love to see a world where it is commonplace for gourmet mushrooms to grow alongside other vegetables at the numerous community farms around the UK.

Gourmet mushrooms can be grown at scale in converted shipping containers (that’s how we started!) and offered fresh, direct to existing customers. If you are a community farm and would like to partner with us in growing mushrooms on your farm, then please get in contact – we can assist in raising funds, kitting out the container, provide training and supplies.

Growing mushrooms in shipping containers is a great way to introduce another revenue stream to your farm, diversify your product range and maximise small areas of unused land.