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We take pride in the food we grow; we don't add any fillers, preservatives, or other nasty chemicals to prolong their shelf life. Any prepared foods (like our mushroom pâté for example) are cold-processed using few as few steps as possible. Our foods are never pasteurised as doing so destroys much of the foods natural nutrient content, effectively killing the food.

Due to the raw nature of our products, they have a shorter shelf-life than those found at the supermarket; therefore we make them in small batches every 1-2 weeks. If a product you are after is not available online you might find it at one of our local suppliers; alternatively, you can backorder it, and we'll send it to you when we make up our next batch (usually every 1-2 weeks).

At Maya Mushrooms, we put nutrition first. For questions about any of the foods we grow or produce, please contact us here.


Gourmet Mushrooms

Gourmet Mushrooms

Delicious Gourmet Mushrooms

Locally grown in Bristol. Highly Nutritious. Fresh or Dried.

Grown on both untreated hardwood sawdust and cold pasteurised, UK sourced wheat straw, using organic rye grain and enriched with spent coffee grounds collected from local cafes and coffee shops – This means less energy expenditure, fewer food miles, less waste and more nutritious produce, all at a better price. Grown to organic standards but not yet registered.

We donate our spent mushroom substrate to local community farms and public allotments where it is mixed into the soil to work symbiotically with the root structures of trees, plants and vegetables to offer larger yields and healthier crops. Some of our excess substrate goes to local farmers which they use as a high protein animal feed supplement. We sell in bulk to private customers with proceeds being used to subsidise our community engagement programmes. If you want some, please drop us a line.

Most mushroom strains are grown year-round and available to order online or for collection at one of our selected outlets.

Mushroom Cultivation - Growing Bags & Containers

Growing Bags & Containers

Premium mushroom grow bags for the home cultivator.

Mushroom Cultivation - Lab Consumables

Laboratory Consumables

Grab Your Lab Jacket, You’ve Pulled!

Premium mushroom cultivation laboratory consumables to ensure sterile work practises and ease of work whilst in the lab.

All lab consumables listed on our site are used for our own business operations so you can rest in the knowledge that you’re ordering premium commercial grade supplies from a trusted vendor. We buy supplies in bulk to offer you the best prices we can.

We encourage all levels of cultivators to invest in proper laboratory equipment and consumables as it makes growing mushrooms MUCH easier with greater levels of success and enjoyment.

Mushroom Cultivation - Mushroom Grow Kits

Mushroom Grow Kits

Learn how to grow mushrooms with the best grow kits on the market!

Mushroom Cultivation - Spawn & Fruiting Blocks

Spawn & Fruiting Blocks

Grow great mushrooms with our Commercial Grade Spawn and Fruiting Blocks

Mushroom Cultivation - Spores & Cultures

Spore Prints and Syringes

Commercially Isolated Mushroom Strains & Premium Spores

Mushroom genetics are perhaps the most influencing factor in determining mushroom quality and production. We’ve spent thousands of pounds trailing, sampling and isolating various mushroom strains to find the best producers. Now you can benefit from our hard work!

Growing mushrooms with high-yielding commercial liquid mushroom cultures offers the home cultivator a guaranteed fast-track method to growing large amounts of mushrooms without doing any lab work. Simply inject our commercial mushroom cultures into your chosen prepared substrate and watch the mushrooms grow like you’ve never seen before.

We also sell premium spore prints/syringes which have been taken only from our best mushrooms; all professionally produced in our own laboratory, in near sterile environments, thus drastically decreasing chances of contamination and allowing us to ensure the highest quality control of all spores we dispatch.

Mushroom Cultivation - Substrates, Grain & Supplements

Substrates, Grain & Supplements

Great food for mushrooms. Feed them a balanced diet.

Gift Packages

Gift Packages

The ideal and unique present for people looking to get into growing mushrooms



Need some help setting up your own gourmet mushroom farm? We can help.

Free Mushrooms

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Send Me Some Mushrooms!

Free Mushroom Selection Box

A selection of our finest organic dried mushrooms

No catches, we'll send one to you a dried gourmet mushroom selection box for free, we'll even pay the postage.
Why are they free? We just want to let you sample our mushrooms, if you like them, (which we're sure you will!), you might want to buy some more from us in the future.