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Injection Ports

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Butyl rubber self-healing injection ports (also known as bottle stoppers), have various applications in mycology and mushroom cultivation but are primarily used to reduce contamination when making liquid cultures or spawn masters.

Our premium rubber ports minimise chances of contamination and are made of thick, high quality butyl rubber which will maintain a constant shape when passed through an autoclave cycle unlike cheaper products. 100% autoclave safe and can be used multiple times.

Can be installed in mason jar lids, synthetic filter disks or even substrate containers. We use these same ports in our BRF home mushroom cultivation kits. Can also be used in conjunction with High Temperature, Heat Resistant Silicone to fully secure the port.

Perfect for liquid cultures, BRF Jars, spawn masters and substrate containers.

  • Made from premium quality, thick butyl rubber
  • 20mm diameter, requiring a 12mm hole
  • Use by the Professionals
  • Autoclave Safe

Installation: Drill 12mm hole, remove any metal burrs with file, push in port and glue with optional Heat Resistant Silicone (RTV Silicone) to secure. Very simple and extremely effective.

Each injection port is re-usable with each port taking 5-15 punctures depending on needle size (a thinner 21g needle will give you around 10-15 punctures.)

Don’t forget to purchase your sterile alcohol swabs to wipe down port before use to further minimise chances of contamination.

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3 reviews for Injection Ports

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mr. O’Brien

    I wouldn't use these with any needles thicker than 16g, I'd think 14g is borderline whether it self-heals, that's all I had, thicker than that it'll almost ruin the port. Posting to help others out there. get 16g-24g needles if you're using these. Otherwise, good quality ports at stupidly cheap prices!

  2. 5 out of 5


    prevents contamination. Seems of good quality – thick rubber. I'm using these to make liquid culture lids. Will buy again and recommend.

  3. 5 out of 5


    thick and high quality ports perfect for making mason jar lids

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