Mushroom Grow Kit Tub (PF-Tek BRF, 2l)

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The Original PF-Tek Mushroom Grow Kit Tub – Pre-sterilised and ready for inoculation with suitable liquid cultures or spore syringes.

Perfect for beginners as prepared substrate is highly resistant to contamination. Suitable for Oyster mushrooms, Lion’s Mane and many other none wood-loving species.

Simply inject 0.5-1 ml of liquid culture or spore syringe solution into each of the inoculation ports, store at room temperature and watch for growth. Full colonisation in around 30 days.

  • Larger 2 litre SacO2 MicroBox container size
  • Patented 4-filter depth-filtration system offering enhanced gas exchange for quicker colonisation and contamination resistance
  • Perfect 3-inch container depth for higher yields
  • Larger tub = larger fruiting area = more mushrooms
  • 9 Premium inoculation ports for quick colonisation
  • Organic Brown Rice Flour (BRF) Substrate, hand-ground to the perfect consistency

Also included in kit

  • Glass atomiser / mister for fine misting
  • Vermiculite – Used to ‘Dunk & Roll’ your mycelial block after colonisation.
  • Perlite – To maintain humidity levels within humidity tent
  • Humidity tent – To contain humidity and provide a perfect fruiting environment
  • Hygiene Kit – Premium nitrile gloves, 70% alcohol wipes, hand-sanitisation wipes, surgical face mask
  • Full instructions included.

– 2-4 day dispatch time as product is made to order.
– Recommended to inoculate as soon as received.
– Intended use for cultivation of legal mushroom species only.
– Spore syringes and liquid cultures purchased separately.

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Very happy with the products from this store. Purchased on etsy and had a good experience and will definitely come back again

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Isaac Antoine on Google

Very Professional service. Easy to get in contact with and they gave me updates about my order as it was out for delivery. If directions are followed then you'll have no issues. Highly recommend.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Andrew Broderick on Google

Thanks for answering my query ahead or ordering and providing high quality, fully sterile grain bags and substrate. Good value, allowing me to grow which saved me money on what would have been more expensive to buy.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Mark Brownsmith on Google

k, speedy delivery, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my mycology needs. Thank you so much.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Steve on Trustpilot


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1 review for Mushroom Grow Kit Tub (PF-Tek BRF, 2l)

  1. Roger Rabbit

    the best mushroom grow kit I've ever used. Big in size. Amazing yields with both the liquid culture I purchased from maya mushrooms also, and with my own 6 month old multi-spore syringe which was given to me as a friend. On my 3rd one now and will order more again soon. Recommended.

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