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Black Poplar (Pioppino) Mushrooms

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The Black Poplar Mushroom (Agrocybe aererita), also known as the Pioppino mushroom. Native to Southern Europe with its name being derived from the location it’s often found growing: around the base of Poplar trees.

Mild and nutty in flavour with a peppery and earthy umami overtone; farinaceous in fragrance when fresh and harvested when young to enhance its flavour profile.

Popular in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines where it is widely used in risottos, meat dishes and the famous “pasta con funghi“. A common addition in classic Asian dishes seen often in stir-frys and stews, pairing well with red meats, chicken and fish.

Pioppino mushrooms are powerful antioxidants and posses many anti-inflammatory benefits with much of the recent scientific studies focusing on their anti-carcinogenic properties.

We now use the Pioppino strain as part of our nature based community engagement programme to provide free food for our community.

It takes us around 2 months to grow our Pioppino mushrooms on locally sourced untreated hardwood sawdust.

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£5.50£80 (incl. VAT)

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Storage and Shelf-Life

The Black Poplar mushroom can be stored for up to 7 days in refrigerator – ideally in the vegetable drawer where it’s slightly warmer than the rest of the fridge. We try to harvest our Pioppino just as the veil is breaking to maximise their freshness.

These mushrooms are best stored in a paper bag to allow them to breath. Do not store mushrooms in sealed plastic containers else they will sweat and spoil very quickly.

TIP: A moist paper towel can be placed inside your paper bag with the mushrooms, this will help to maintain moisture content and extend the storage time of your mushrooms.

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Common Names

Poplar Mushroom, Velvet Pioppini, Swordbeld Agrocybe, Willow Mushrooms.

Pioppino (Italian),
Yanagi-matsutake (Japanese),
Zhuzhuang-Tiantougu (‘Tea Tree Mushroom‘) (Chinese).

Growth Parameters

  • Spawn run: 21-27°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 >20,000 ppm | 0 lux | FAE 0-1 | 20-28 days
  • Primordia Formation: 10-16°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 <2,000 ppm | FAE 4-8 | 750 lux | 7-14 days
  • Fruitbody Development: 13-18°C | 90-95% RH | 4-6 days
  • Fruiting Cycle: Two Crops 10-14 days apart

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