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Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

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The beautiful and mysterious Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is native to China, Japan, North America and Europe and has a distinctive, icicle-like appearance and beautifully sweet and rich aroma.

When cooked the Lion’s Mane mushroom imparts and equally magnificent flavour described to be somewhere between lobster and aubergine in taste with the consistency similar to crab meat.

With a subtle yet complimenting flavour profile, this magical little mushroom can easily be added to many common dishes to add a more diversity flavour to your dishes. Often used in the vegan and vegetarian communities as a seafood or pork substitute.

Having been used for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine, the Lion’s Mane mushroom is perhaps more commonly known for its medicinal qualities and is a well-known nootropic food which has been scientifically proven to protect neurons and enhance brain function thanks to its NGF (nerve growth factor) stimulating properties.

We now offer the Lion’s Mane Mushroom as part of our Grow at Home Mushroom Box Range. The perfect and unique present for both children and adults.

Our Lion’s Mane mushrooms are grown on locally sourced enriched untreated hardwood sawdust. We harvest our Lion Mane mushrooms just before full maturity to ensure flavours and nutrients are preserved, each one takes us between 45 – 60 days to grow.

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£5.50£105 (incl. VAT)

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Storage and Shelf-Life

Lion’s mane mushrooms are best enjoyed on day of purchase, but when stored correctly in the fridge, they will keep for 3-5 days.

TIP: Mushrooms should always be stored in paper bags, ideally in the bottom of the fridge in the vegetable drawer where it’s slightly warmer than the rest of the fridge. To stop your mushrooms drying out, you can place a damp paper towel in the paper bag with the mushrooms.

Mushrooms should never be stored in plastic bags or containers where condensation can rapidly deteriorate the flesh of the mushroom causing them to rot and spoil quickly.

Additional Info & External Resources

The Lion’s Mane mushrooms is now being studied for Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment with a recent study from the Agricultural and Food Chemistry stating that this mushroom has: “antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, antidiabetic, anti-fatigue, antihypertensive, anti-hyperlipodemic, anti-senescence [anti-aging], cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and neuroprotective, and improves anxiety, cognitive function, and depression.”.

Common Names

Bearded Tooth Fungus, Hedgehog Mushroom, Monkey’s Mushroom, Monkey’s Head, Sheep Head, Satyr’s Beard, Bear’s Head, Pom Pom, Old Man’s Beard.

Yamabushi-take (Japanese),Barbe de Satyre (French) Houtou (Chinese), Soplówka Jeżowata (Polish), La Melena de León (Spanish).

Growth Parameters

  • Spawn run: 21-24°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 20,000 ppm | 0 lux | FAE 0-1 | 10-14 days
  • Primordia Formation: 10-16°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 600 ppm | FAE 5-8 | 750 lux | 3-5 days
  • Fruitbody Development: 18-24°C | 95-100% RH | CO2 750 ppm | FAE 5-8 | 750 lux | 4-5 days
  • Fruiting Cycle: 1-2 Crops, 14 days apart

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