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Spore Prints and Syringes

Commercially Isolated Mushroom Strains & Premium Spores

Mushroom genetics are perhaps the most influencing factor in determining mushroom quality and production. We've spent thousands of pounds trailing, sampling and isolating various mushroom strains to find the best producers. Now you can benefit from our hard work!

Growing mushrooms with high-yielding commercial liquid mushroom cultures offers the home cultivator a guaranteed fast-track method to growing large amounts of mushrooms without doing any lab work. Simply inject our commercial mushroom cultures into your chosen prepared substrate and watch the mushrooms grow like you've never seen before.

We also sell premium spore prints/syringes which have been taken only from our best mushrooms; all professionally produced in our own laboratory, in near sterile environments, thus drastically decreasing chances of contamination and allowing us to ensure the highest quality control of all spores we dispatch.