Due to business restructuring, we are not currently accepting any new orders.

Delicious Gourmet Mushrooms

Locally grown in Bristol. Highly Nutritious. Fresh or Dried.

Grown on both untreated hardwood sawdust and cold pasteurised, UK sourced wheat straw, using organic rye grain and enriched with spent coffee grounds collected from local cafes and coffee shops - This means less energy expenditure, fewer food miles, less waste and more nutritious produce, all at a better price. Grown to organic standards but not yet registered.

We donate our spent mushroom substrate to local community farms and public allotments where it is mixed into the soil to work symbiotically with the root structures of trees, plants and vegetables to offer larger yields and healthier crops. Some of our excess substrate goes to local farmers which they use as a high protein animal feed supplement. We sell in bulk to private customers with proceeds being used to subsidise our community engagement programmes. If you want some, please drop us a line.

Most mushroom strains are grown year-round and available to order online or for collection at one of our selected outlets.