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Porcini Mushrooms

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The Porcini mushroom, or more specifically, Boletus edulis or the King Bolete is considered among many mushroom connoisseurs to be one of the finest edible gourmet mushrooms currently around.

Porcini mushrooms have a strong nutty flavour with a distinctive buttery aroma reminiscent of sourdough. Popular in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines pairing perfectly with fresh pasta, rice and meat dishes. A common mushroom to simply be sauteed in garlic oil or butter.

In a comparative study of 11 Portugese wild edible mushrooms, the Porcini (Boletus edulis) mushroom was found to have to have the highest total amino acid content of all mushrooms studied showing a complete compliment of all 20 essential and none-essential amino acids.

Found growing in abundance in wild woodlands around central and southern Europe and only in the Northern hemisphere. Due to the difficulties in cultivating porcini mushrooms on a commercial scale, we are only able to offer dried wild harvested porcini mushrooms in small quantities.

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£6£105 (incl. VAT)


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Storage and Shelf-Life

Porcini mushrooms are best dried, and once dried their flavours are enhanced. Dried Porcini mushrooms have a shelf-life of over 1 year.

If harvested wild, fresh Porcini mushrooms should always be stored in paper bags and will store for up to 2 weeks. It’s best to store mushrooms in the bottom of your fridge, in the vegetable drawer, where it is slightly warmer than the rest of the fridge. To stop your mushrooms drying out, you can place a damp paper towel in the paper bag with the mushrooms.

Mushrooms should never be stored in plastic bags as the plastic can rapidly deteriorate the flesh of the mushroom.

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Common Names

King Bolete, Penny Bun, Cep, Wild Bolete.

Cèpe (French), Bolet Comestible (French), Porcino (Italian), Grzyby Borowik (Polish), Panza or Rodellon (Spanish), Steinpilz (German), Herrenpilz (Austrian), Eekhoorntjesbrood (Dutch), Belyy grib (Russian), Meiwei Niugan (Chinese), Hrib smrkovy (Czech).

Chef’s Quote

Italian chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio has described it as representing

the wild mushroom par excellence

…and hails it as the most rewarding of all fungi in the kitchen for its taste and versatility.

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